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Rapunzel’s Lice Boutique was founded by Sarah Casello-Rees, Michigan’s pioneer in non-toxic head lice treatment. Sarah opened her Lice Brigade business in the fall of 2008 after battling lice in her own family. “How I wished there were someone to help me with this overwhelming process,” Sarah thought. Then it occurred to her that perhaps she could be that someone for other Michigan families.

The Lice Brigade was a huge success, but Sarah felt she could do more to help people. In April of 2009, she opened Rapunzel’s Lice Boutique, Michigan’s first Head Lice Treatment Center. This gave families a more affordable option because they could avoid the mileage charges associated with house calls. Her staff could also treat more people because they did not have to spend time on the road.

The first Rapunzel’s Lice Boutique was located in Ann Arbor, MI, but Sarah noticed that a large number of her clients were coming from other parts of Michigan. As a working mom, she knew what a hectic schedule other mothers had to maintain and the stress of needing head lice treatment was more than enough for anyone. Fitting a long drive into an already full schedule could only add to that stress. So, in November of 2011, Sarah opened a second Boutique in Sterling Heights, MI.

It seemed the two location were serving Southeast Michigan fairly well, but a large number of clients that were visiting Ann Arbor and Sterling Heights were coming from areas halfway between the two.  To better serve these clients,  Sarah opened a third location in Farmington Hills, MI in October 2012.

Southeast Michigan proved to be well covered with the three locations, but the opportunities for growth had not ended with the opening of Farmington Hills. Rapunzel’s reputation for effective treatment and great customer service had reached far and wide. Customers were coming from the south and begging Sarah to open a location in Ohio. In December 2013, Sarah opened a location in Toledo, OH to better server these clients.


The practitioners at Rapunzel’s are the best in the business. It is not easy to become one of our practitioners. Sarah hand picks each employee based on a number of criteria. Each must be friendly, compassionate and able to work well with children. Additionally, the job requires good eyesight and great attention to detail.

After hire, the training program is extensive. It requires study and practice. Not everyone succeeds, but those that do are the finest in the industry.


Rapunzel’s Lice is affiliated with our sister company in West Michigan, Remedy Lice Boutique. For head lice treatment in and around Grand Rapids or West Michigan please click the above link.

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