Because of a major increase in head lice infestations, Rapunzel’s Lice Boutique is offering free walkin, back to school head lice checks at all three of their Metro Detroit locations Saturday, August 24 from 12-4.
Head lice infestations have drastically increased this summer, and once school is back in session, these infestations will take on a whole new life in the classroom,” warns Sarah Casello-Rees, owner of Rapunzel’s Lice Boutique.
“We are offering these free head checks the week before school starts as a community service. We do not want any child to miss school, or their parent to miss work because of head lice,” says Casello-Rees.
According to Casello-Rees,” Lice propagate in the heat and humidity, children are sleeping and playing together during summer camps, and are having sleepovers, but most problematic is that children are not being checked as regularly for lice, so cases go undiagnosed and spread to others.”
Parents believe the back-to-school season is when the uptick in cases appear, but Casello-Rees believes it is the summer increase that carries into the school year.
“We encourage regular medical exams, and a professional head check should be one of these, especially before school begins, because there’s no reason to bring this problem into the classroom,” explains Casello-Rees.
Free Head Checks:
When:  Saturday August 24th 12-4:00
Rapunzel’s Ann Arbor
3001 Plymouth Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
(734) 929-9180
Rapunzel’s Farmington Hills
27620 Farmington Rd.
Suite 109
Farmington Hills, MI 48334
(248) 536-2272
Rapunzel’s Sterling Heights
4147 Metro Pkwy
Suite 104
Sterling Heights, MI 48310
(586) 698-2453
Contact Information:
Sarah Casello-Rees:
If Rapunzel’s detects lice during your visit they offer 2 non-toxic treatment options:
1.1.           Full service lice removal: Rapunzel’s can perform the AirAllé™ (formerly
known as the LouseBuster™) treatment. This FDA cleared medical device uses heated
air to desiccate the lice and nits. It takes about 30 minutes and is followed by a comprehensive comb-out to remove the dead lice and nits. This is a “one and done”
treatment that does not require any followup, and is 100% guaranteed. The AirAllé™
treatment kills 99.2% of the eggs (nits) and costs $145.
1.2.             Self-treatment: Rapunzel’s sells their self-treatment products which are safe, effective, non-toxic and affordable. Self-treatment packages start at $39.95.
Lice Facts:
1.1.             Lice are not an indication of poor hygiene. Anyone can get head lice.
1.2.             Lice are not a vector for disease. The over-the-counter and prescription lice
treatments have more risks associated with them then actually having lice.
1.3.             Lice do not infest your home like bed bugs or fleas. Lice can only survive on
your head and will perish within 24-48 hours off a host. Herculean cleaning measures
are unwarranted.
1.4.             Lice do not infest pets; they are human parasites.
1.5.             Lice do not jump or fly and are not long distance travelers. 99% of the time lice are acquired through direct head-to-head contact.
1.6.             The CDC estimates 6-12 million American school-age children get lice every
year. It is the second leading cause for missed days from school, second only to the
common cold.
1.7.             When a child has head lice the mother catches it from the child about 80% of the time; fathers catch it about 20% of the time.

1.8.             Head lice are showing increasing resistance to the over-the-counter and
prescription drugs traditionally used to treat them. The neurotoxic pesticides that are theactive ingredients in RID and NIX are currently only about 45% effective.
Lice Prevention:
1.1. Contain hair as much as possible, such as in a braid or bun.
1.2. Avoid sharing items such as hats and brushes.
1.3. Use a quality lice prevention shampoo and conditioner containing essential oils
that have been proven to repel insects. Rapunzel’s sells an all natural, organic, sulfate
free line of lice preventatives.

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