Rapunzel’s Lice Boutique was one of the first lice removal companies to open in the world. Having performed over 6,000 treatments since its inception in 2008, it is one of the most experienced services you can find anywhere.

Due in a large part to Rapunzel’s success, many other companies have since popped up. Some are very good, some unfortunately are little more than snake oil salesmen and fly-by-night operations trying to make a buck off your misery. Remember, anyone can put up a website and claim to be a lice removal professional.

Here are some things to look for and to take into consideration when selecting a service:

     Salon based or mobile?

Mobile operations may be legitimate, but all of the fly-by-night operations are likely to be mobile. There is zero investment on the part of a mobile lice service. Anyone with a comb and a car can claim to be a lice professional.

Salon based: Just because someone has a location, doesn’t mean they are any good, but at least they have some investment in the business and some semblance of permanence. Be very wary of anyone operating out of their home. Most legitimate salons lease commercial space. Commercial leases are typically 3 years in length, so you have a pretty good idea if you have a problem this company will be around next week.

     How long has the company been in business/how experienced is your technician?

Some companies claim they have been around for years, yet the technician may have only worked for the company a short while. You want to be sure your technician has had sufficient training and actual hands-on experience.

     Treatment; products and devices the company uses.

What products does the company use to treat you?
Are the products safe, effective and clinically proven? Ask what they use and what research they have backing up the products’ efficacy.
If the company uses any devices, ask if they are FDA cleared.

     Hidden Fees or no prices on their website.

Never hire a company that does not post their prices on their website. This is a giant red flag that they may be out to rip you off.

Do they charge by the hour or by the head? By the hour might sound good, but you will end up paying more for an inexperienced operator. Also, there is no incentive to treat in a efficient manner.

Mobile services usually charge a travel fee. Find out before you make the appointment what this fee will be.

Does the company charge extra for the products they use? Are you required to buy anything?

     Illegitimate services:

Some companies will try to sell you unnecessary products or services. Lice only infest your head. Any company trying to sell you household sprays, laundry additives or cleaning services are ripping you off and playing on your fears.


You are paying the company to treat you, you should not be required to comb every day or, God forbid, have to sleep in olive oil for 3 weeks. Ask what is expected of you after they leave.


How many treatments does the company require you receive? Is there a charge for these follow-ups?


The guarantee should be posted clearly on their website. If it is not posted, be very very wary of this company. Once again, this is a major red flag.

     Better Business Bureau:

Is the company a member of the BBB? Are there any complaints filed against the business?

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