Every year Rapunzel’s sees a spike in head lice cases in January after school resumes, post break.  This year is busier then normal with large number of clients coming from Oxford and Macomb MI.  In the first two weeks of January Rapunzel’s treated 136 clients.

How to prevent acquiring lice:
1.  Contain your hair.  Those with long hair should where their hair in a bun or braid.  This will lesson the chance your hair will come in contact with someone’s hair that has lice.  99% of lice is spread through direct head to head contact.
2.  Do not share brushes, hats or hair accessories.  Although less common, lice can be transmitted through sharing head wear and accessories.
3.  Use a quality lice preventative.  Rapunzel’s sells an organic, sulfate free shampoo and conditioner that is infused with essential oils known for their insect repelling properties.  Our products smell great to humans, but lice hate them!

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