I discovered my daughter had lice on 2/24 as I was sitting in the doctor’s office to have them examine a rash she had developed on the back of her neck and around her ears. As it turns out, the rash was a result of the lice and nits she had contracted. I was given a business card from the doctor (their office is right next door to your Ann Arbor location) and it was recommended that I have her treated there. The day was mostly booked and the cost was higher than what I wanted to pay so we went the home-treatment route. After hours and hours of picking, combing, vacuuming, putting things in the dryer, bagging, freezing, and everything else it is recommended to do – they came back (probably never went away). We made an appointment immediately for first thing in the morning, I only wish I had done it sooner! Both my daughter and I had to be treated, and the staff members were amazing! All throughout the process, between my initial phone call and the person I spoke with over the phone being incredibly helpful and kind, to the woman who did our treatments I am highly impressed. She spent 3 hours between the 2 of us to make sure that every little nit and bug were gone. Her patience was impressive and her caring nature was incredibly comforting. If ever we experience lice again, our first trip will be right to Rapunzel’s. Thank you for your professionalism, courtesy, and caring nature. Will highly recommend to anyone that has lice. Thank you so much.

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