September is Lice prevention month. Here are some tips from the folks at Rapunzel‘s for keeping those pesky little critters at bay:

1. Keep long hair contained.

Braids are best, but buns work well also. Ponytails are less then ideal because hair is still swishing around. If the hair is contained the lice do not have an opportunity to grab hold.

2. Keep hair dirty!

Lice prefer clean healthy hair. Only wash your child’s hair a couple times a week. Also, put product in the child’s hair, gel, mousse etc. This mimics dirt.

 3. Check heads weekly.

Invest in a good lice comb. Rapunzel’s uses the NitFree Terminator. Run the comb through wet hair, wiping it on a towel every week. This way if they do get lice, you will catch it early.

 4. Teach children not to share hats, helmets and other personal items.

 5. Use a high quality lice repellant everyday.

Rapunzel’s has it’s own shampoo and conditioner that is organic, sulfate free and infused with essential oils that have been shown to repel lice. Order some today!

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