Services and Rates

We specialize in non-toxic products and methods. Our practitioners will go strand by strand through your family’s hair to eliminate lice, nits, and the nit glue that attaches the eggs to human hair. All services are by appointment only. Fees are subject to change without notice.

AirAllé™ – One Treatment, Guaranteed – As low as $149

We are Michigan’s exclusive AirAllé™ service provider. This treatment includes treatment with the AirAllé™ device performed by one of our AirAllé Certified Operators™; a complimentary comb-out to remove any dead lice or nits; and an application of Lice-Sense™ Extra Strength Lice Neutralizer to ensure that all lice have been eradicated! As an added bonus we also include a bottle of Lice-Sense™ Extra Strength Lice Neutralizer.

AirAllé™ Pricing

$169 for each family member with hair over 2 inches in length
$149 for people with with hair 2 inches or shorter

Ask about our military discount!

Clients that miss their appointment without canceling in advance will be charged $50.

For parents with children at camp:

We offer our services to some summer camps in Michigan. These services are performed at the camps. Because it is not always easy for parents to be present while their child is being treated, we offer a way for parents to consent to treatment using our website. If your child is at a camp where we are providing treatments and your child needs treatment, please follow the link below to consent to the treatment.

Click here to view and sign online consent form.

30 Day Guarantee

All members of a household must be examined by Rapunzel’s staff and either cleared, or treated by us if lice are observed by our staff. We do not give refunds. If evidence of a continuing lice infestation is observed within 30 days of the initial treatment we will continue to treat with no additional charge. Please bring any specimens you find with you so we may examine them.

Head Checks – $10 per head

All head checks require an appointment. If lice or nits are detected during a head check and treatment is requested, we waive the $10 head check fee for the person receiving treatment. If you think you might have lice, give us a call.