Ann Arbor, Farmington Hills and Sterling Heights are all seeing a dramatic uptick in the number of head lice treatments in the last couple of weeks.

Most people associate summer with a respite from head lice. Head lice is a scourge associated with children in school settings, right? Well, yes, that is correct, but don’t be lax in your head lice prevention techniques this summer. Lice infestations actually INCREASE during the hot, humid summer months.

It is not exactly clear if lice actually propagate more readily in the summer, or if children are simply having more head to head contact. Think about it; at school, children typically sit in desks or at a table. At summer camp, and during play, they are generally in closer physical contact.

Whatever the reason, please be hyper vigilant this summer. Be sure to use quality lice preventatives such as Rapunzel’s Lice-Sense all natural, organic products which are infused with essential oils, used for centuries as insect repellants. Also, be sure to perform weekly head checks on your child, or if you are unsure what you are looking for, give Rapunzel’s a call to schedule a professional head check.

If, despite your best defenses you find your family has lice, do not use the over the counter pesticidal products. RID and NIX contain neurotoxic pesticides and because of resistance, are currently only about 40% effective.

Rapunzel’s has 2 treatment options:

LouseBuster Treatment: Let us do the work. This “one and done” option includes a treatment with the FDA cleared LouseBuster medical device and a comb-out. We guarantee you will be rid of lice in one treatment.

Self Treatment: For the do-it-yourselfer. Rapunzel’s carries a complete line of self treatment products that are non-toxic, effective and affordable.

Have a happy, lice-free summer!

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